Our Motto

Morphis Tech is a strong believer of Pareto’s principle where for a variety of events a staggering 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Morphis Tech looks at this cause/effect principle to find the 20% which will generate 80% of a company’s business.
So, 20% of your efforts can generate 80% of your results and Morphis Tech is committed to helping you identify those cause-and-effect relationships.

Our History

In 1995, a team of young graduates, led by our founder and CEO Luis Andrade, began developing software with a mission: create the best legacy modernization tools in the world. This 20-year technology legacy morphed into a new company in 2013.

Morphis Tech quickly gained the attention of major partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Fujitsu and Cap Gemini, and clients including major banks, insurance and healthcare companies, telcos and software vendors, defense contractors and governments, and other major institutions.

With our reputation for quality, and a growing global demand for legacy modernization, success has allowed us to expand with the opening of offices in the UK, Spain, USA and Brazil.

Morphis Tech continues to unleash the agility of the cloud for clients all over the world, modernizing their legacy systems – and always saving them time, money and immeasurable resources.

Our History

Our Achievements

Morphis Tech team has made some overwhelming achievements so far. Alongside its partnerships with major players and house hold clients we are proud to announce that we were granted the PME Líder ’17 award in Portugal by IAPMEI and the Portuguese banking sector. This award reflects the public recognition of the success of our business strategy and our contribution to the national economy.

Furthermore, in the Portuguese national SMEs in IT ranking disclosed by the Bank of Portugal, Morphis Tech ranked number 1 in export and added value and was placed 2nd and 3rd in volume of business and net profitability for 2016.


Legacy to cloud

Morphis Tech offers the most complete solutions for transforming legacy software to the cloud. Founded in 2013, we’ve devoted our company and careers to working with software vendors, global enterprises and their systems integrators to solve their toughest legacy modernization challenges.

Our analyses, services and software not only help our clients update their outdated systems to cloud, web and mobile-enabled applications, we go beyond expectations with our unique multi-source legacy language development environment.

Morphis Tech platform enables continuous, seamless and scalable maintenance, updates and enhancement solutions for modernizing any organization’s IT department’s applications and resources, no matter the source code or programming language.

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We have a broad client base ranging from Financial, Banking, Healthcare, Government sectors and Software vendors.

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