Morphis Transformer for Cobol

Automated Refactoring from Mainframe to Serverless

When it comes to move workloads from mainframe to the cloud, we face two possible paths:

  • Re-hosting: a more tactical approach that preserves the original code almost untouched.
  • Refactoring: a more strategic alternative, in which new applications, written in more modern languages, are obtained from the legacy sources.

At first glance Re-hosting can be more appealing, since it represents inferior cost and risks.

But if Refactoring uses very high automation, both Re-host and Refactoring approaches can be pursued in projects with similar duration, similar risks, and similar costs.

We here demonstrate the Morphis Automated Refactoring, yet tailored, approach to migrate from COBOL/CICS OLTP applications to single page applications, with JavaEE or .NET server logic, fully integrated with cloud native services.

Furthermore, this approach also allows us to achieve the ultimate costs savings, by addressing cloud serverless architectures, through the migration of CICS transaction clusters and BMS maps to Serverless services.

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